Middle School Fall Ultimate League and OWL Practices!

There are several opportunities to play ultimate this fall, at informal OWL led practices and through the Minnesota Ultimate league. Read through this post to learn more and let Liam know if you have any questions at liam.shramko@gmail.com. Thanks!

Minnesota Ultimate Fall League

Fall League was just announced for Middle School. It’s the first time that a fall middle school league is being offered, and we’d love to encourage as many Manatee players as possible to play!

There are a few differences to the spring league:

  • The league is single gender, with separate boys and girls leagues.
  • Girls league is Tuesday nights at Desnoyer Park. Boys league is Thursday nights at Homecroft Elementary.
  • Players sign up individually (or with buddies) and are placed on teams with players from all over.
  • Both leagues will have games take place at 5:30. League starts the week of September 11th,

Since it’s not a team league, we can’t sign up as a team… but we strongly encourage all middle school players to consider doing so!  If you have any questions about the league, feel free to let me know (I’m a board member at Minnesota Ultimate). Otherwise sign up using the following links:

OWL Practices

To compliment league and to give OWL players another opportunity to play, we’ll hold informal practices open to all OWL Middle School students during the fall!

Practices: We will have practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Harriet Island from 4:30-6:00 (same time and location as HS).Practices will start the same week of the league, the week of September 11th. If you register for league, then don’t worry about coming to OWL practice on those nights. We recommend prioritizing the official league.

Coaches: Kyle, Julius and Liam will be coaching this squad! Their bios can be found here. Excited to get the season rolling again.

Registration: If you would like to come to practices, please fill out and return the afterschool ultimate  form.

I’ll continue to use this list for the fall for updates on weather, schedule, etc. Please let me know if you’d like to be removed for the fall season.

Join the OWL Co-ed High School Fall League Team!

Hi all,

All OWL High School Students that would like to play ultimate this fall are encouraged to join our co-ed fall league team! It’s a great way to sharpen old skills or to play for the very first time. If interested, either let Liam know via email (liam.shramko@gmail.com) or show up to our open practices (times and locations below!)

We will hold practices Tuesdays and Thursdays
from Tuesday, August 29th through Thursday, October 12th.
Tuesdays, 4:30-6:30 pm, Harriet Island: map
Thursday, 4:30-6:30 pm, Harriet Island
We will have games against the other co-ed teams on Saturdays fromAugust 26th through October 14th. Most games will be at 9 AM. Our schedule can be found here.
Games are played at the West Minnehaha Recreation Center: field map.
To play, players need to register via Minnesota Ultimate and pay $20 to OWL Ultimate for team fee. Scholarships are available.
Let Liam know at liam.shramko@gmail.com

Gender Equity in Minnesota Youth Ultimate

Here is a must read article on gender equity in the Minnesota youth ultimate scene. It’s authored by various high school women’s players (including our own Leona DeRango). The article raises powerful arguments and includes testimonies from female ultimate players directly affected by inequitable treatment in our sport. We strongly urge all members of the OWL Ultimate community to read this article.

As coaches and organizers of the OWL Ultimate program, we have these conversations too and make conscious decisions regarding the ultimate program in an effort to promote and grow the women’s ultimate team at OWL. We will continue to operate as single program for all teams, working to ensure that all of our players and teams have equitable resources, opportunities and treatment as athletes.

Moving forward, we will be more active in having these conversations with players and parents. We welcome your contributions to the conversation. Feel free to reach out to me and our coaching team at liam.shramko@gmail.com

– OWL Ultimate Coaches

HS practice cancelled today, due to inclement weather

Today’s high school practice from 4-6 pm at Harriet Island is cancelled due to thunderstorms this afternoon. We’ve been monitoring the weather for the past couple days and thunderstorms continue to remain on the forecast during our scheduled practice. Please spread the word.

Jersey Order Deadline: April 3rd

High school players and family members/friends! If you would like jerseys with our new logo for the 2017 spring season (and beyond) visit our team store and put in order by Monday, April 3rd! You can order the $60 package (which includes shorts, white jersey and blue jersey), or pick just one or two items for less. Also available are reversible tanks and hoodies!

A few reminders:

Middle school students are getting jerseys as part of their league fee with Minnesota Ultimate. If you are in middle school this year, don’t order jerseys via this link!
High school players who currently have jerseys can decide whether they want to stick with what they got, or order new ones. The new ones will match the color of the old jerseys.
Please order by April 3rd  if you’d like jerseys for the 2017 spring season. https://teamstore.breakmark.com/#/storefront/-Kf776tx601YKOEpZzGk
Questions? Email owlultimate@gmail.com

Practice Locations Finalized!

We have finalized practice locations! If you are picking up/dropping off students or attending practices, please take note of practice locations and times for the various ultimate teams:

High school boys will practice Monday and Wednesday from 4-6 PM at Humboldt Turf Field, 640 Humboldt Ave, St Paul, MN 55107

High school girls will practice Wednesday and Thursday from 4-6 PM at Humboldt Turf Field, 640 Humboldt Ave, St Paul, MN 55107

Middle school teams will practice Wednesday and Thursday from 4-6 PM at the Boys and Girls Club, 291 Belvidere St E, St Paul, MN 55107

OWL Ultimate Fundraiser @ Davanni’s on Grand: Monday, March 20th, 4-8 PM!

The OWL Ultimate teams are hosting a fundraiser at Davanni’s on Grand this coming Monday! Come to Davanni’s (41 Cleveland Ave S, MN, 55105) anytime between 4 and 8 PM on march 20th and 25% of proceeds will go to the OWL Ultimate teams!

You’ll need a flyer, so click on the link below and bring it with you (we’ll have some extra at the event too!) Invite friends and family and spread the word!

OWL Fundraiser at Davanni’s Flyer